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General Dentistry Services

Serving Clients in Santa Barbara, CA

If you are seeking treatment for your teeth, turn to the office at the office of Jeffrey A. Stratford-Jones, DDS. With more than 15 years in practice, we can offer you a wide range of dental treatments to meet the needs of you and your family.

Our general dental services include the following:

  • Dental cleanings and prevention: The number one step towards maintaining healthy teeth and preventing decay is to visit the dentist for regular dental cleanings at least twice a year.
  • Dental exams: Visiting your dentist twice a year to have your teeth examined is very important, as it allows the dentist to spot any existing or developing problem before it worsens.
  • Root canals: Once the root of your tooth has been decayed beyond repair, it will need to be removed in order to save the tooth in a root canal procedure.
  • Dental X-Rays: To get a full picture of what is going on with your teeth and to determine whether treatment is necessary, we have the capability to take a full set of dental X-Rays.
  • Digital X-Rays: We have incorporated the latest digital technology to obtain images of your teeth and can help to reveal problems, such as decay, bone loss, and other tooth problems.
  • Fluoride treatment: If your teeth are prone to decay or you would like to take preventative action, fluoride treatment may help prevent decay. We may recommend the application of topical fluoride twice a year.
  • Dental sealants: If your teeth have developed deep grooves, you may need a sealant (a thin coating) to be applied to the chewing surfaces to make them easier to clean and less prone to decay.
  • Composite fillings: Composite fillings have become increasingly popular due to their nearly invisible appearance and as a result of the controversy over amalgam. If you are in need of fillings, we can use composite material.
  • Amalgam fillings: After you have developed cavities, you will need to have them filled. We are one of few dentists who still offers the choice to use amalgam to fill worn, decayed, or broken teeth.
  • Amalgam controversy: There is a controversy over using amalgam in dentistry because of the mercury. However, these fillings are a good restoration tool as they are known to last for decades.
  • Gum recession: There are many different causes of gum recession, which can lead to sensitive teeth and inflammation. The treatment for this condition involves cleanings and possibly scaling or root planing.
  • Teeth grinding: Do you grind your teeth constantly, especially at night? Our dentist can diagnose the cause of the problem and offer you treatment to alleviate grinding or provide you with a bite guard.

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