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Our Client Reviews

Review Us on Google

Extremely friendly staff. I get nervous and have had bad experiences before, I was elated how comfortable I felt while getting my work done. 10/10. Would recommend.

Anna Thomas

Best dental office. no one is even close. I see Dr. Daniela Cadavid and she is excellent. She explains everything and even uses photos of your teeth to clarify what kind of work she is doing or what you will need. Office staff is also excellent. Thoroughly goes over your bill and what your insurance will cover and how much you have to pay. Marina is one of the finest assistants in the land and always is personable and makes me laugh.

Lawrence Suarez

Dentist was very quick and efficient. Lovely atmosphere and a great admin team!

Roselyne Romero

The dentist and support staff are the best I have ever experienced! It is hard to imagine any dental team that could be better!

Bret Mc

The entire examination was most professional and thorough experience I have ever had in my 50 years. I am going to recommend this Dental team to anyone who needs any dental


Ann Thomas Simon

Wonderful, helpful Staff. Dentist very gentle & knowledgable. Dental Hygenist was excellent & my mouth feels so clean!

Erika Wszulkowski

The office of Dr. Stratford Jones and his entire staff Are the definition of a professional & caring practice.

Virginia Johnstone

Had a check up during Covid-19. I felt very safe during the whole procedure, from checking in to checkout. The close attention to detail and the general vibe in the office is very pleasant. I highly recommend the services of Stratford-Jones.

Mick Mashbir

My entire family thinks that Dr. Jeffrey Stratford-Jones is the VERY BEST dentist, ever. His staff is extremely kind and helpful. Dr. Stratford-Jones is very talented and smart. We all appreciate his ability to do first class work, painlessly. He was recommended to us by the BEST orthodontist in SB! We highly recommend him, now, too!

Cindy Warner Sinclair

Very professional, timely and efficient. My best visit yet. Thanks.

Steven Morgan

Got an appointment right away.

Joe Bro

I appreciate the friendly staff and effective work. Thanks!

Francisco Rodriguez

Friendly, professional environment. Great service with little wait.

Austin Eckardt

Smart, professional, giving great attention to problem.

Valeriy Gorbunov

Lovely people, very professional & conscientious. My first dentist since moving to the US and I’m very happy.

Theo Devaney

Excellent dentist, hygienist, and staff!

Richard Salzberg

the dentists are very careful and professional they did a very good job, I recommended 100%.

Patricia Elena Hoyos Perez

Great staff, very thorough. Good value, all around good experience.

Charlie Lindberg

Awesome! Before I met Dr. Stratford-Jones, I was TERRIFIED of dentists. The dentist is always aware of how much pain I am in and immediately will stop a procedure. His assistants are also most excellently trained. I have never felt forgiven a good review of a dentist office. Dr. Stratford Jones and Dr. Daniela are amazing!

Rosemary Martin

Dental care is outstanding with friendly and caring professionals and office staff!

Mary Jean Jeanae

Good patient care and great staff.

Margee Yeager

Dr. Strafford and his staff have always been cordial and professional.

Alejandro Vasquez

everyone was so kind and helpful and informative.

Marian Geigle

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