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Consider Invisalign® to Enhance Your Smile

Uneven or poorly spaced teeth are a reality for many adults. Too often, these adults feel that metal braces are the only solution that will improve their smile. However, that is no longer the case! Clear aligners can straighten teeth without braces and give you the smile you’ve always wanted. Not only does Invisalign® improve the appearance of your teeth, but they also improve their health. Straighter teeth make brushing much easier, allowing you to get rid of harmful bacteria before they cause infection. The team at Jeffrey A. Stratford-Jones can help you determine if clear aligners from Invisalign® are right for you. We see patients from Santa Barbara and Goleta, CA, and we’re happy to schedule your appointment as well.

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What Is Invisalign®?

Invisalign® is an exciting option that can often be used in place of traditional braces. These clear braces are much more comfortable and are virtually invisible to those who don’t know you’re wearing them. They work much like metal braces in that they slowly push the teeth into the desired position over time. Invisalign® is particularly attractive for adults who don’t want the hassle or metallic appearance of normal braces.

Invisalign® Treats Numerous Conditions

While Invisalign® is not the best choice for every patient, be sure to consider this excellent option. We recommend clear braces for a variety of mild orthodontic problems. Our patients choose this treatment for the following conditions, among others:

Chewing Problems
Biting Problems
Speech Problems
Poor Spacing
Missing or Extra Teeth
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Understanding the Process for Getting Clear Braces

While getting fitted for Invisalign® is a multi-step process, the stunning results will be worth the wait. First, our team will take x-rays of your mouth and use those images to fashion your first set of custom clear aligners. After a few weeks, your Invisalign® trays will arrive, and we’ll fit them to your mouth. As your teeth shift into place, you’ll need to visit our Santa Barbara office several times for new aligners. Most patients with Jeffrey A. Stratford-Jones see results within 12-18 months of receiving their first set of clear aligners!

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